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Where is SOkopi based?

SOkopi is a registered Indonesian company founded in 2017 and based in East Java Indonesia. Our contact page has our location details.

How can I contact SOkopi?

The easiest way to contact us is to email, full contact details are on our Contact page. 


How do I change my order?

If you have changed your mind, or you noticed a mistake with your order please contact us at as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you make changes. 

How do I check my order status?

You can check your order status by clicking on the View your Order button in the Order Confirmation email sent by You you may have to log in to view some of your order details. If you have to log in and you do not have a SOkopi account you will have to create one to log in. 

By the way, order status is NOT the same as shipping status. Order status is related to payment and fulfilment (getting the order ready and handing it over to the courier).  If you are looking for shipping status, check Track Shipment

How do I order 2 of the same products but with a different variant?

For example you want to order 1kg of premium beans MEDIUM grind, and 1kg of premium beans FINE grind; here's how: 

Watch the 30 second video

  1. Place an order for the 1kg of premium beans MEDIUM grind then click on Add to cart.
  2. In a popup you will see the product you added, at the bottom of the popup click on Continue shopping
  3. You can now add another 1kg of premium beans but this time select FINE grind and click on Add to cart
  4. Checkout as usual

That's all there is to ordering two of the same product with different variants. 

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How does SOkopi ship?

Outside Indonesia and Singapore

For international orders, we group orders for an export shipment, then we 

  1. Ship by air to your country using international freight service like DHL. 
  2. On arrival in your country a SOkopi agent splits the shipment and sends your shipment to you via domestic post.

Based on our experience, this is the fastest most reliable and most economical system to get fresh coffee to your door.

Inside Indonesia and Singapore

We use several domestic couriers for shipping in Indonesia. We use a combination of couriers for shipping to Singapore.  

Does SOkopi offer free shipping?

Outside Indonesia and Singapore

Yes and No. The cost of SOkopi products includes export shipping to your country, but not domestic shipping to your door. You can choose the level of shipping service at check out. 

SOkopi Export Shipping + Domestic Shipping

Minimum Export Shipment Weight

Yes. If you are shipping a bulk order at or above our minimum export shipment weight, (for your business or to share with friends and family) we can ship directly from our roastery to your door.  In this case you do not need to pay for domestic shipping in your country so there are no charges for shipping. In this case any shipping charges collected at checkout will be refunded to you. 

Ordering in bulk at or above the minimum export shipment weight will ship faster than our regular method of shipping. 

Minimum Export Shipment Weight by destination:

  • Australia - 9 kg
  • Indonesia - Not applicable
  • Japan - 9 kg
  • Singapore - Not applicable
  • Switzerland - 24 kg
  • United Kingdom - 9 kg
  • United States - 24 kg
  • Inside Indonesia and Singapore

    No. The cost of SOkopi products does not include shipping, you can choose the level of shipping service at check out. 

    How does SOkopi charge for shipping?

    Outside Indonesia and Singapore

    You pay for domestic shipping at checkout, and you can choose the level of service you want. 

    We only charge for the domestic shipping of your product from our agent in your country to your door. This way you have a choice of shipping services depending on your needs. 

    Inside Indonesia & Singapore

    You pay for shipping from SOkopi to your door at checkout, and you can choose the level of service you want. 

    Is SOkopi packaging eco-friendly?

    To reduce the our ecological impact and substantially reduce costs (up to 80%) we developed our packaging so that we can:

    1. Often avoid using boxes and 
    2. So that the package can ship economically the domestic postal system of your country. 

    This helps the environment by shipping less weight and eliminating a lot of unnecessary packaging materials.

    It also helps reduce costs for our customers.

    Where does SOkopi ship to?

    SOkopi is based in East Java, Indonesia, where we grow process and roast all our coffee. We ship coffee to the following countries: 

    • Australia
    • Indonesia
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom
    • United States

    Definitely let us know if you would like to order SOkopi but your country is not listed here. 

    When will SOkopi ship my order?

    Outside Indonesia and Singapore

    After we receive your order we will add it to the next export shipment. This shipment will be roasted and despatched as soon as we have the minimum amount required for an export shipment. We will send you a notification once we are ready to roast and ship our next batch of fresh SOkopi.If you order the Minimum Export Shipment Weight we will roast and ship your order immediately.

    Minimum Export Shipment Weight by destination:

    • Australia - 9 kg
    • Indonesia - Not applicable
    • Japan - 9 kg
    • Singapore - Not applicable
    • Switzerland - 24 kg
    • United Kingdom - 9 kg
    • United States - 24 kg

    Inside Indonesia and Singapore

    We roast and ship the same day to Indonesian customers for orders received by 12 pm.

    How long will it take to get my order?

    Roast and Ship

    It takes us 1 - 2 days to roast and ship depending on when we receive your order. 

    Orders received before noon local Java time should roast and ship the next day (1 day) 

    Orders received after noon local Java time will be handled the same way the following day (2 days) 

    Shipping Times Outside Indonesia and Singapore

    Once we ship your order it takes 5 - 10 days for your shipment to arrive.

    First we export internationally, then we ship domestically to you. 

    For example shipping to Switzerland takes 4-6 days (international) + 1 day (domestic) = 5-7 days if you choose to ship A Post. 

    International export shipping times:

    4-6 days.

    Domestic shipping times

    Australia domestic- Australia Post

    • Priority Letter: 3 days
    • Parcel post: 3 days

    Japan domestic - Japan Post

    • Basic Letter Post - 1 day

    Switzerland domestic - Swisspost

    • A Post - 1 day
    • B Post - 2-3 days

    United Kingdom domestic - Royal Mail

    • Royal Mail 1st Class: 1-2 days delivery aim
    • Royal Mail 2nd Class: 2-3 days delivery aim

    United States domestic - USPS

    • First-Class Mail - 1–3 business days

    Shipping Times Inside Indonesia and Singapore 


    Once we ship your order it takes 1 -3 days for your shipment to arrive. 

    Shipping inside Indonesia is easy, fast, reliable and inexpensive.

    Indonesia - J&T

    • J&T Ekpres: 1-2 days
    • J&T Reguler: 2-3 days


    Once we ship your order it takes 5 - 8 days for your shipment to arrive. 

    How can I track my shipment?

    You can track your shipment using our Track Shipment page. 

    How does SOkopi group orders for export shipments?

    We group orders by country to create export shipments. The only downside to this is  we have to wait for enough orders to reach our Minimum Export Shipment Weight.

    Export shipment weight by destination:

  • Australia - 9 kg
  • Indonesia - Not applicable
  • Japan - 9 kg
  • Singapore - Not applicable
  • Switzerland - 24 kg
  • United Kingdom - 9 kg
  • United States - 24 kg
  • We will notify you once we have shipped your order. 

    You can cancel for a full refund any time before we notify you that your order has shipped your order. 

    Why do I get "This order can’t be shipped to your location." at checkout?


    While ordering you get a the message:

    "This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact us for more information."


    Please email for help. Please include the URL for your order.



    1. This is probably because one or more products that you selected is for "ship to" a different country than your shipping address. 

    Check your selected products and make sure they are "ship to" the same country as your shipping address. 

    2. If you "ship to" for all products matches the country of your shipping address, we may not have shipping rates set up for you. Please email for help.


    Do I have to pay taxes?

    SOkopi is based in Indonesia and must comply with Indoesian law regarding taxation. Since we are a small company we do not have to collect taxes at present. 

    Do I have to pay import duties?

    Outside Indonesia and Singapore

    No. SOkopi imports the product so you do not have to worry about import duties, we take care of the import process for you. 

    Inside Indonesia and Singapore

    No. Indonesian shipments are domestic so there are no duties. There are no duties for import to Singapore. 

    Does SOkopi accept Credit Cards?

    Yes. We accept the following credit cards when you select the Credit and Debit Card via Xendit paymnet method at checkout.  

    Does SOkopi accept Paypal?

    Yes we accept Paypal but it's a manual process because Paypal does not support Indonesian Business accounts and SOkopi is based in Indonesia. 

    The way it works is we send you an invoice from our business Paypal account in any of the following currencies below. We will use the google exchange rate at the time we generate the invoice to calculate the invoiced amount. There is NO exchange rate commission or fee for you. You can choose the currency you want us to use on your invoice. We will email you an invoice directly from Paypal with a link that allows you to view the invoice directly on the Paypal site and pay securely from your account. We will be notified by Paypal that you have paid and start working on your order.  

    Supported currencies: 

    AUD - Australian dollar

    BRL - Brazilian real

    CAD - Canadian dollar

    CNY - Chinese Renmenbi

    CZK - Czech koruna

    DKK - Danish krone

    EUR - Euro

    HKD - Hong Kong dollar

    HUF - Hungarian forint

    ILS - Israeli new shekel

    JPY - Japanese yen

    MYR - Malaysian ringgit

    MXN - Mexican peso

    TWD - New Taiwan dollar 

    NZD - New Zealand dollar

    NOK - Norwegian krone

    PHP - Philippine peso

    PLN - Polish złoty

    GBP - Pound sterling

    RUB - Russian ruble

    SGD - Singapore dollar

    SEK - Swedish krona

    CHF - Swiss franc

    THB- Thai baht

    USD - United States dollar

    Does SOkopi accept Amazon Pay?

    Yes. We accept Amazon Pay. Select the Amazon Pay payment method when you check out. 

    Does SOkopi accept payment by Cardano Ada?

    Yes, we accept Ada. When you get to the payment step of checkout, look for the Cardano Ada Transfer option.

    We do not have an automated payment system yet, but have contacted Cardano Foundation about this possibility.

    How do I make payment by Cardano Ada Transfer?

    1. Order on our store
    2. Select the Cardano Ada Transfer payment method
    3. Send payment for the equivalent amount to our Ada address
    4. Send us a message with your transaction number and your order number
    5. We'll roast and send your coffee. 
    SOkopi Ada Address

    This is our Ada address you can send your payment here:Ae2tdPwUPEZFAMB28qjfSQorudx4aKsZbbvP7bRDHsihhd8DiwocsoyvAwW

    Which crypto currencies does SOkopi accept?

    Payment by Coinbase Commerce

    Coinbase Commerce is one of the payment options you have when you check out. 

    This is the latest list of options the Coinbase Commerce offers:

    ETH - Etherium

    BTC - Bitcoin

    DOGE - Dogecoin

    LTC - Litecoin

    BCH - Bitcoin Cash

    DAI - DAI

    USDC - USD Coin

    Payment by Cardano ADA Transfer

    Cardano ADA Transfer is one of the payment options you have when you check out. You can use this payment option to pay by Ada.


    How does SOkopi fulfil my order?

    SOkopi will ship out fresh roast coffee the day after we roast it. Coffee has to rest for a few hours to fully develop its flavour before it is packaged. For fulfilment we operate Monday to Friday and observe Indonesian national holidays. 

    Outside Indonesia and Singapore

    We group international orders by country to create an export shipment. Once we have enough orders, we roast our coffee at our roastery in East Java, Indonesia and send it straight to you. We will notify you once we have shipped your order. 

    Inside Indonesia and Singapore

    We will fulfil orders received by 12 pm local Java time the next day. 


    What is the difference between Premium and Peaberry coffee?

    Both Premium and Peaberry coffee come from the same Arabica plant. 


    There is a natural genetic mutation that happens in about 10% of the arabica coffee crop that causes the fruit to have only 1 bean instead of the usual 2 beans. This exceptional coffee is called peaberry. Our peaberry coffee has a fantastic chocolate aroma. This is natural and is a result of the different development as well as the size density and shape of the peaberry beans. Try our Peaberry coffee, we are sure you will love it. 


    The other 90% of the crop is or amazing premium Arabica beans, we sort our beans carefully and reject beans with flaws so we only roast and ship premium quality beans. Why not try our Premuim coffee today? 

    Why are SOkopi package sizes different from other stores?

    We went to great lengths to research shipping policies and costs across several countries to come up with the best packaging and shipping methods possible. This is the reason our whole bean and ground coffe packages are, 200g and 400g instead of 250g and 500g, our approach saves you a LOT in shipping costs.The same thing goes for Nespresso pods. 30 pods ship economically to Switzerland, but not to other countries so we offer 60 pods instead. Save

    Does SOkopi sell K-cups?

    Not yet. We sell Nespresso compatible pods. If you want SOkopi K-cups, let us know at and we will notify you when we are ready to ship K-cups. 

    Does SOkopi sell green beans?

    SOkopi was created to help Indonesians realise more benefit from the coffee they produce. We grow and process our own coffee, and our unique business model is focused on selling our amazing roast coffee direct to end consumers.  

    Refunds & Returns

    Change of mind

    If you have changed your mind and the items are unsuitable then please contact us within 14 days of receipt of the goods to arrange a refund. You will incur the return shipping charge for return of the goods to Cardano Kopi's Indonesian Office. 

    Please note that refunds are subject to the provided goods being in perfect and unused condition in their unopened original packaging.

    We recommend that your carrier provides you with ‘proof of delivery’ because Cardano Kopi is responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit.

    Damaged or incorrect orders

    If for any reason your order is incorrect or damaged, SOkopi will offer a replacement or refund, please contact us at to arrange for return of the goods.

    Delayed Fulfilment

    If your order status is pending (which means you have not recieved a shipping notification from us), and you do not want to wait for the next export shipment, please contact us and we will provide a full refund.