Radically Better

SOkopi farms, processes, roasts, markets and distributes organic, single-origin, premium quality Indonesian coffee. Using direct trade, we ensure superior quality, add material and social value to our community, and trace our product from seed to cup to promote a human connection between producers and consumers.

We strive to be radically better by focusing on quality, integrity and transparency while producing amazing coffee with social benefit.

SOkopi Customers - You are our missing piece

Quality, Integrity, Transparency

SOkopi is 100% vertically integrated so we control the entire process from seed to cup.

  • We can do crazy things like dry our beans on stainless steel racks, and use military-spec green bean storage bags to achieve amazing quality.
  • We can pay all producers fairly to ensure that SOkopi beans are grown, processed and roasted with integrity.
  • We can trace the product from the farm to your door providing unparalleled traceability and transparency.

The result is guilt-free coffee that feels great and tastes amazing. Quality, integrity, and transparency - that's SOkopi

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SOkopi Organic Single-origin Indonesian Roast Coffee - Direct Trade vs Business as Usual

Direct Export

Direct exporting roast coffee allows us to do things radically better.

  • By roasting locally, we add value in our Indonesian producer community.
  • Cutting out the middle men leaves more value for farmers.
  • We can control quality and trace our beans from seed to cup.
  • Did you know all imported green beans must be fumigated? Our beans avoid fumigation because they are roasted before import.

Can your local roaster get beans from the coffee tree to your door in two weeks? No way. Thanks to direct export, no one has fresher beans than SOkopi.

SOkopi Organic Single-origin Indonesian Roast Coffee - SOkopi Theory

SOkopi Theory

SOkopi is a coffee community of producers and consumers. Our goal is to improve the lives of everyone in our community.

  • To do that, we use direct-export to add more value to our producer community.
  • We enhance quality at every production step
  • We conduct business with integrity by paying fair wages, and supporting our producer community.
  • We create detailed photo-based product stories, to ensure transparency
  • Finally we build human connections between consumers and producers,

We believe producing and trading coffee this way leads to social benefit.

Put our theory to the test, buy coffee and join the SOkopi community. We think you're going to love it.

P2C Human Connection

Just like knowing your neighbours builds trust and is mutually beneficial, so too is knowing who made the food that is on your table and the coffee in your cup. That is why we designed SOkopi to encourage producer to consumer (P2C) connections.
  • Our first step is to create a photo-based traceability system and share detailed information on every package of coffee with consumers.
  • Photos help bridge the language gap and validate what we claim.
  • Stories inform and connect the SOkopi community to build mutual trust and respect.
Producer to consumer (P2C) human connections result in social benefits like more happiness and satisfaction. We hope to add other ways of encouraging P2C connections in the near future.


In keeping with being radically better we charge you only for the shipping you actually need and want, instead of inflating our prices to give you "free" delivery. We also went to great lengths to research shipping policies and costs across several countries to come up with the best packaging and package sizes possible. This is the reason our packages are, for example 200g and 400g instead of 250g and 500g net weight. The bottom line is you will save a lot in shipping costs.

In addition, to reduce our ecological impact and cut costs for the SOkopi community, we developed our packaging so that we can avoid using boxes. This saves you substantial shipping costs, and helps the environment.

Please let us know what you think of our approach to Free delivery.

SOkopi Organic Single-origin Indonesian Roast Coffee - Story Identifiers, QR codes


We have decided to develop a super detailed photo-based traceability system of coffee stories to help connect consumers to producers.

  • We looked at many traceability systems and found that they are designed for large companies with distributed operations that are embedded in complex supply chains. Also these systems are expensive.
  • SOkopi is radically better; we are small, have 100% vertical integration and are focused on Ijen Raung farms. So we developed our own system, although it is low tech, it gives the SOkopi community much more detailed information.

We will finish implementing our system in August 2021, please let us know what you think of our approach to Traceability and check out our stories here.

If you are curious about SOkopi, please send us a message at hello@sokopi.com. We'd love to hear from you!