Partner - Carl

SOkopi Organic Single-origin Indonesian Roast Coffee Partner Carl

About me

I'm originally from Canada, my wife is Indonesian from Situbondo, SOkopi's home base. I love to travel, ski, and cycle and I like challenges.  We are always trying to do better at SOkopi, so there's no shortage of challenges. 

What I do for SOkopi

I'm the IT Manager, so I maintain our online stores and anything else IT related, I also do a lot of SOkopi's design work, for example I designed the logo. Ultimately SOkopi is about quality coffee, I'm resonsible for making sure the quality of SOkopi is top notch. 

What I like about SOkopi

The ideas that SOkopi brings producers and consumers together, and is 100% transparent are important for me.  

How to reach me

You can message me at