Partner - Samsiyadi

SOkopi Organic Single-origin Indonesian Roast Coffee Partner Samsiyadi

About me

I'm 38 years old. I like walking and adventure exploring the forest. and I like to see beautiful mountains I am a professional at work. Work whatever I can do for SOkopi.

What I do for SOkopi

I came to work for SOkopi with starting from tree care and to trimming the branches of bad coffee trees. I cut branches that are not useful because coffee trees will not be perfect and will not bring perfect coffee, so the coffee can be good and good in terms of quality and quantity perfect.

What I like about SOkopi

I like working at SOkopi. Because I get a lot of experience from SOkopi. SOkopi has no doubts and SOkopi doesn't disappoint for consumers. SOkopi will always be victorious and successful

How to reach me

You can message me at