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SOkopi stands for Single-origin Indonesian Coffee. For us ‘Single-origin’ isn’t a marketing slogan, it is a special flavour experience. Our Java arabica coffee is from Java Ijen-Raung, one of 12 registered geographic indications for Arabica coffee in Indonesia. Each geographic indication has documented unique flavours and characteristics. That's why we specialise in Single-origin coffee because we know it has unique flavours and aromas and is produced to specific standards.
Java Ijen-Raung Arabica Organic Single-origin Roast Coffee Geographic Indication Logo
Our Ijen-Raung coffee coffee is from the coffee variety s795 known for its balanced cup and subtle flavour notes of mocha.Released during the 1940s, it is a cross between the Kents and S.288 varieties. SOkopi’s mission is to put that flavour experience in your cup.




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