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4x100g - Ijen Raung Organic Coffee and Cascara Tea Gift Set

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A great way to send thanks or congratulations for personal or business occasions.

Each gift box contains 

  • Two 100g packages premium coffee
  • One 100g package of peaberry coffee
  • One 100g package of cascara tea
  • A gift custom card with a your custom message

After you order we will message you to get your gift card message.  Like our coffee and tea your card is made fresh to order so you can have any design you wish, or we have some gift card ideas for you with Indonesian flare if you like. 

Single-origin, organic, %100 premium arabica from Ijen Raung

  • Certified organic
  • Sustainably farmed
  • Fairly traded

    About Peaberry Beans

    • Peaberry beans comprise about 10% of the coffee crop thanks to a natural mutation. Some coffee fruits contain only one bean instead of the usual two. These peaberry beans have a distinctive shape and some people say Peaberry has more flavour than premium arabica beans; we agree.

    About Cascara Tea

    • Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee tree, Cascara is the fruit of the coffee tree that surrounds the coffee beans. 
    • Cascara has limited caffeine, approximately 1/4 the amount of coffee. 
    • Cascara is rich in antioxidants with an ORAC value of 349K, 25 times more than blueberries (famous for antioxidants). 
    • SOkopi uses only premium arabica beans
    • Our semi-washed honey process lends sweetness and balance
    • Medium roast
    • Ground or whole-bean (Can't decide? See Which Grind?)
      • Sweet balanced acidity & velvety body with a rich lasting finish
      • Hints of orange, orange peel, ginger, and chocolate
      • Perfect for filter brewing or a bright espresso.
      • The coffee variety is s795 known for its balanced cup and subtle flavour notes of mocha.
      • 100 g (~3.5 oz) net weight
      • Custom non-resealable pouch specially designed for economical shipping
      • Coffee is whole bean, Tea is loose leaf. Please place your order and then message if you want ground coffee or tea bags. 


      • SOkopi is fresh roasted to order and shipped to you direct from our roastery in East Java, Indonesia

      For customers shipping to Indonesia only, please shop at one of our Indonesian stores

      If you have any questions please email we'd love to hear from you!