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Java Ijen Raung Organic Cascara Tea - 25 Nespresso Compatible Pods

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This package weight was designed specifically for our Swiss and Indonesian customers and ships economically in these destinations. Choose the 50 Pod product if you are shipping outside Switzerland or Indonesia.
Single-origin, organic, cascara tea from Ijen Raung in Java
  • Organic
  • Sustainably farmed
  • Fairly traded
What is Cascara Tea? 
  • Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee tree, Cascara is the fruit of the coffee tree that surrounds the coffee beans. 
  • Cascara has limited caffeine, approximately 1/4 the amount of coffee. 
  • Cascara is rich in antioxidants with an ORAC value of 349 k, 25 times more than blueberries (famous for antioxidants). 
  • Premium - We use only ripe premium arabica coffee cherries for our cascara tea
  • Our coffee cherries are sun-dried and protected in our high tech storage bags to preserve flavour
  • We grind our dried coffee cherries after you order to for maximum flavour
  • Similar to black tea but fruitier with some hints of coffee
  • Spice and chocolate and vanilla notes
  • A hint of sweetness, due to natural sugars in the ripe coffee fruit (cascara)
  • Unlike coffee or tea, no acidity and no bitterness
  • 140 g (5 oz) net weight
  • 25 Nespresso compatible recyclable aluminium pods
  • Custom non-resealable pouch specially designed for economical shipping
  • SOkopi is fresh roasted to order and shipped to our customers in batches direct from our roastery in East Java, Indonesia
If you have any questions please email we'd love to hear from you!